The BVI are known to be among the premier yachting and sailing destinations anywhere, and to a healthy proportion of sailors from around the world unfurling sails here and gliding across the waters, propelled along by balmy trade winds, is sailing nirvana. This tour was primarily created as an historic, cultural and folkloric backdrop to a sailing tour of the BVI. The audio tape, with accompanying artistic map, permits the sailor, before, after or during sailing, to listen to tracks pertaining to the islands on his itinerary or those which he would wish to visit. This package is a gift to oneself, permitting true escapism merely by the act of 'plugging in and switching on '. 

Offered in English.

Sound Drive is a very comprehensive tour of Tortola, the BVI's largest island. The tour spans from Trellis Bay in the East to Sopers Hole in the West, running via all of the major roads and making mention of the historical sites and places of interest. This tour can be listened to via headset or by plugging the device into a car's sound system. It is a unique, fun and educational way of exploring this vibrant island.

Offered in English, Spanish, Italian, German and French. 

Sound Sister

This walking tour of historical Road Town will take you exploring all that the British Virgin Islands capital has to offer. Follow the artistic map provided, it will lead you around town, from Fort Burt in the west to the Botanical Gardens and the Sugar Works Museum in the East, following both historic Main Street as also the newer Waterfront Drive. This tour provides the visitor with a fascinating insight into Road Town, past and present. 

Offered in English, Spanish, Italian, French and German

Sound Walk

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Virgin Gorda is known as the main 'Sister' Island to Tortola , a driving tour of her interesting hills and shores will open the visitor's mind to both geological wonders, such as the Baths, and to fascinating historical sites such as the Coppermine ruins. The tour details  accounts of lore, legend and history connected with this most beautiful and pristine of Virgin Islands, permitting the visitor to linger at leisure at various points of interest whilst traveling across the island at his own relaxed pace. An artistic map accompanies this audio package, turning this guided tour into a souvenir item of both interest and value.

Offered in English, Italian, and German.

Sound Drive

Sound Sail